10 Best Android Action Games 2022, FREE! (Offline & Online)

Download 10 Best Android Action Games 2022, FREE! (Offline & Online)

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Tired of the games installed on your Android? It’s time for you to play an action game or action genre. Action-type games themselves usually offer a more exciting and tense game sensation.

In other words, the missions presented in this genre are much more difficult and challenging. So that players feel challenged to complete each mission.

Well, for those of you who are looking for a list of the best Android action games right now, here Ledifha has collected 10 choices. What are they? Here’s the review.

10 Best Android Action Games 2022

1. Mobile Legends: Bang bang (Online)

Lately, gamers are busy discussing MOBA game that offers action and RPGs. Yes, the game titled Mobile Legends: Bang bang is indeed worthy of being included in the best action game category .

For those of you who have played DotA or LOL before, you may be familiar with the gameplay presented in this game. Because this game is a mobile game, of course, the player runs his character by touching the screen.

Like MOBA games in general, where you have to be able to set a strategy with your teammates. The goal, of course, is to destroy the enemy tower and win the match. In essence, this game requires special skills, not pay to win.

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us (Offline)

The next best android action game is the game made by Warner Bros., namely Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this game, you will feel a plot that is very beautifully made according to the animated film version, namely Justice League.

One of the characters that are quite interesting in this game is the Joker. Where he tried to destroy Metropolis with an atomic bomb that had been designed by him.

To thwart his crazy mission, you have to fight it out with the help of DC Comics Superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. Can you save humanity from the Joker’s ruthless plans?

3. Aspahlt Xtreme (Offline & Online)

Unlike car racing games in general, where Asphalt Xtreme has a crazier and more exciting racing sensation. While the career or adventure system is still the same as the previous game.

Talking about the gameplay, this game has a trajectory or tracks and visual effects that are very stunning. Not only that, the collection of off-road cars here is also quite a lot, such as Buggy, Rally Car, SUV, Muscle Car, Pickup, Truck, and others. So, this game is worth playing.

4. Into the Dead (Offline)

Are you a gamer who has high guts? Here, try playing a zombie game called Into the Dead. Unlike zombie-concept games in general, here you will really feel the sensation of survival from the invasion of vicious zombies, it can be considered as a zombie apocalypse.

In this survival game, you are only equipped with makeshift weapons to eradicate the zombies around you, such as chainsaws, pistols, and so on. Because there are so many of them, of course, you have to be good at avoiding zombie attacks so that it doesn’t become a delicious meal.

5. UNKILLED (Offline & Online)

It has the same game theme as the previous game, it’s just that this game titled UNKILLED has perfect graphics and visual effects.

Here your role is as an army soldier assigned to secure the city from a deadly zombie outbreak. It’s quite easy, because you are equipped with sophisticated weapons and friends who always protect you during your adventure.

6. Respawnables (Online)

Even though it has simple graphics, this Spanish developer‘s game is worth playing. Almost the same as Shadowgun Deadzone, only Respawnables is packed with relaxed gameplay so it’s not boring.

Talking about gameplay, here you are not so difficult to target your enemy. Why? Of course, because the best android action game on this one is equipped with an auto lock feature, where you only aim at the opponent, and the auto-lock will automatically lock the shot making it easier to shoot.

7. Xenowerk (Offline)

Xenowerk is an action-shooter-type game that has a top-down point of view or camera . Yes, this kind of display is indeed very common for a mobile games today, especially the type of RPG game .

This game itself is equipped with touch controls which are quite comfortable for novice gamers. Has two virtual buttons which are the shooting and combo buttons, while on the left side to direct the character.

The difficulty level in this game is that you have to be able to avoid the mutants and shoot them from a distance. Otherwise, they will eat you up and instantly you will die on the spot.

8. DEAD TRIGGER 2 (Offline)

Not much different from the previous series, where in DEAD TRIGGER 2 you are still dealing with vicious zombies around you. It’s just that, in this latest series, you will play in a fresher plot, supported by solid visual effects, of course.

In addition, you will also experience advanced weapons that may not have been available in the previous series. Yes, Madfinger seems to have succeeded in satisfying the desires of gamers through this game, especially for those who are zombie game lovers .

9. War Machines Tank (Online)

Made by one of the top developers on Google Play, so you won’t be disappointed with the gameplay contained in this game called War Machines Tank.

One of the reasons that make this android action game exciting and fun is when you play in multiplayer mode. Imagine how exciting it would be to battle online with other players around the world.

10. 300: Seize Your Glory (Offline)

300: Seize Your Glory is an action-adventure game developed by Warner Bros. This game itself has a background or story about a battle in the middle of the ocean using a warship.

As in the film version, the character who becomes the hero in this android action game is Themistocles. While on the enemy side himself was a general from Greece who had strong ambitions in leading the troops, he was the female commander of the Persian army.

Interestingly, this game has a fairly light size, which is 40 MB. So that android users who have minimal specifications can still feel the thrill of fighting in this game.

Well, that’s a row of the best Android action games Ledifha version. If you have other interesting recommendations for the best Android action games, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments column. Happy Gaming!

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