5 Ways to Manage Finances Good and Right

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Many of us are still serving as employees. Employees with mediocre salaries and very risky because we should not be absent at all. In addition, the company where we work also only provides health insurance while we work. Therefore, with mediocre money, we must manage it smartly. Manage so that basic family needs are met, ensure all children go to school, guarantee money reserves in old age, etc. So, how do you manage your finances properly and correctly? Let’s take a look at the first one:

1. Saving

Saving is the first step to guard against what will happen in the future. People who save are people who are proven to be able to manage finances and are able to resist temptation. Preferably, saving is because of the presentation, not because of the amount. We are better off saving 20% of our salary than saving 1,000,000 per month. If you don’t get it, you won’t save, right? That’s why we save when we just get a salary, instead of waiting for the rest of the salary. In addition, save in a place that makes us a little bother to withdraw it. So, do not save in a bank that has many ATMs. That is so that we are not tempted to use our money to fulfill our desires.

2. Self-control

From now on, take control of yourself. Don’t let you keep buying things you don’t need or don’t need. Start making priorities. Sort which needs are important and urgent and which are not important and not urgent.

3. Protect

A rich person who never uses his wealth, then that wealth will be withdrawn by God because He feels that his wealth will not be useful. Therefore, use your wealth. However, that does not mean you have to splurge. But use a little of your wealth to protect your entire wealth. The trick can be like by insuring it or stored in a safe place.

4. Risk

The purpose of saving is to guard against life risks that might happen to you or your family. If your house is on fire, where will we live? If you are disabled due to an accident or die, who will take care of our children later. Well, the solution is to get insurance. Insurance guarantees your children’s education up to college, guarantees the health of your family, etc. even when you are disabled or die. For more information, please contact the nearest insurance service.

5. Passive Income

This is the most delicious way. Who doesn’t want to always get a lot of money but still have a lot of free time for the family. The trick is to look for passive income (passive income). Passive income is a source of income that does not require hard work from you but still earns money. One good source of passive income is deposit interest, property rental, royalties, and franchises. You should have one of these passive income sources. Because for example, if you are sick, the source of income is still flowing.

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