The advantages of iPhone over Android you need to know

The advantages of iPhone over Android you need to know

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iPhone and android are both the most sought-after smartphones in this era. With these two smartphones, life becomes easier and smoother. However, for developers, application development for these two smartphones is definitely different. Here’s a comparison of Android and iPhone that you need to know. Comparison between Android and iPhone application development below:

Difference between iPhone and Android

1. App Comparison

In this part, the two are almost the same. There is not much difference between android and iPhone device systems on these two platforms. The tooling interface includes a debugger, profiler, IDE, user interface, and builder.

2. Platform Comparison

Android is the name of the operating system, while iPhone is the brand name. The iPhone operating system itself is IOS, which is a competitor to Android. For iPhone, IOS can only be used on iPhone. While Android can be run on Windows phones. Interesting right?

3. Comparison of Android And iPhone Models

iPhone programming is based on the MVC design pattern. With this tool, building a user interface is easier, because all the code is orderly placed in the source code. On the other hand, it supports multiple processes. Thus, a little complicated. However, both platforms provide Declarations of user preferences in XML. Android XML patterns allow the integration of custom user interface components. While the iPhone is quite complicated.

4. iPhone Accessories And Spare Parts Are Quite Expensive

iPhone accessories and spare parts are quite expensive. And it can’t be bought anywhere, because usually what we often encounter at cell phone counters is no material, aka imitation. Usually, if we want to get the original, we have to go directly to the iPhone center outlet. For the price of the USB iPhone itself, it’s only 250-500 thousand, you know! With this, it can be said that the iPhone is a phone that is quite expensive, and not kidding when you have an iPhone.

5. In terms of different features

In terms of different features and you can conclude that Android is actually simpler than iPhone. How come? the feature to share data on Android we can use Bluetooth, while the feature on the iPhone does not have Bluetooth. Sometimes it is difficult for us to share data, except among iPhones. And to listen to music, we have to pay on iTunes. Unlike Android, which is very easy to listen to music.

6. On Android do not have to log in account.

While in Apple there is an Apple account that must be entered/logged in. If you forget your Apple account, it will usually be very difficult to open the iPhone. Unlike Android, which is free without an account at all, you can log in. In terms of security, iPhone is safer than Android. Because there is an application download feature in the App store that makes us not exposed to viruses. Unlike Android, which can be infected with a virus because it can be downloaded carelessly or on the Playstore, it is very detrimental.

7. In terms of the camera is actually relatively yes.

iPhone and Android both have beautiful cameras depending on each type. It also depends on the quality available, but we recommend choosing an iPhone. With a 12 megapixel camera and there are advanced video features and more. Making the iPhone XI the phone of choice in terms of the camera.

8. Continuous Software Update

Unlike Android, iPhone can update existing software. Older iPhones can use the latest operating system. Unlike Android, which in fact has many versions. You can’t just update, considering in terms of ram features and Android-type models. It’s very helpful to use the iPhone.

9. No External External Memory

For a cell phone storing data is a must, because we may want to store photos and some other important files. Unlike Android, the iPhone does not provide external memory. Makes it difficult for us to store data. Restricted and we have to save files as necessary, following the existing memory on the iPhone.

From the article above, it is clear that iPhone and Android application development has several advantages and disadvantages. This depends on the consumers and the needs of the platform that will be chosen. The advantages and disadvantages above can help you in considering what brand to choose. Just specify iPhone or Android? hopefully useful and thank you for reading this article.

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